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Almost every magazine that *N Sync was featured on the cover of, I bought. Or found in the girls' bathroom, whatever. Anyway, I have lots of articles dated from February of 1999 to now and I will update this page often. Have fun!

Teen People, February 1999 (thanks, Doxa!)

Teen People, March 2000

TV Guide, March 2000 (so they're not on the cover, but it's a good Justin interview)

Disney Adventures, March 2000

Rolling Stone, March 2000

TV Guide, April 2000

Teen, April 2000

CosmoGIRL!, May 2000

Entertainment Weekly, May 2000

Request, June 2000

Nickelodeon Magazine, June/July 2000

YM, July 2000

Twist, August 2000

TV Guide, August 2000

CosmoGIRL!, November 2000 (includes a piece of the interview that wasn't published!!)

Teen People, February 2001

Entertainment Weekly, May 2001

Seventeen, July 2001

Mississippi Magazine, July/August 2001 (they are too on the cover! look down at the bottom! anyway, it's a good Lance thing, and it includes full-color pictures)

YM, August 2001

Rolling Stone, August 2001

Teen Vogue, Fall 2001 (Sure they're on the cover. That's Justin posing with Lance...yeah. Anyway, it's a good interview.)

Teen People, November 2001

Cosmopolitan, November 2001 (inside main issue)

YM, December 2001

Arena Homme Plus, Autumn/Winter 2001

CosmoGIRL!, February 2002

Twist, February 2002

People, June 2002

   Us Weekly, September 2002

Entertainment Weekly, September 2002

  Seventeen, November 2002

Teen People, December/January 2002

Details, December 2002

The Advocate, December 2002

Rolling Stone, January 2003

Vibe, February 2003

Rolling Stone, June 2003

Rolling Stone, December 2003

GQ, September 2004

People, August 2006

GQ, August 2006

Fashion Rocks, September 2006

Rolling Stone, September 2006

GQ, October 2006

Entertainment Weekly, February 2007

Details, April 2007

British GQ, May 2007

The Advocate, January 2008

Keyboard, January 2008

Fashion Rocks, Fall 2008

Golf Digest, November 2008

GQ, March 2009

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