Okay, I have five games for you to choose from and one coming soon. Take your pick. The first one is a trivia, of course. Click on the game if you want to play. If you get all the answers right, you get your name put up on my website.


The second game is Stump the Master. It's simple. Just email me with any question about 'N Sync and if I can't find the answer in a week, then again, you'll get your name on the page. There are a couple rules, though. It has to be a reasonable question that you know the answer to. Otherwise, I could just make up anything. Click on the game to play.

Stump the Master

The matching games. I'm sure you can figure out what do do. Just click on the link to go to the game you want!

Match the Baby Picture
Match the Pup
Match the Cameo

See my Winners!

These games are from the May 2000 issue of Cosmogirl (check out my library for details).

Test your *N Sync info!
Think fast!

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